Corporate Culture

The company attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture and actively creates a warm corporate culture atmosphere for employees. The company's trade union, employee representatives, and personnel at all levels participate in occupational health and safety consultation and communication activities, establishing relevant channels for employees at all levels to participate in consultation and communication. In the management process, attach importance to communication and communication; Enhance the vitality and vitality of group organizations, as well as their attractiveness, cohesion, and influence on all employees through corresponding themed activities; The implementation of various cultural activities promotes the corporate culture layer by layer, laying a solid foundation for ensuring the normal operation of the company.

Enterprise spirit

Strive for excellence and have a long history

Core values

Diligent and trustworthy, dedicated and innovative, dedicated to society

Corporate vision

A company with a good social image and loved by employees

Strategic positioning

Building a first-class enterprise and becoming an industry technology and management expert

Management policy

People oriented, innovative development, green intelligent manufacturing, and safety guarantee


Technology as the leader, quality as the main line, optimizing the overall quality of the enterprise, and meeting social needs for development

Service tenet

Safe, efficient, and precise