Sichuan Yibin Liyuan Motor Co., Ltd

Sichuan Yibin Liyuan Motor Co., Ltd. (formerly Sichuan Yibin Motor Factory) was established in 1965 and is a designated enterprise for special motors by the former Ministry of Machinery Industry.

The total assets are 325.5 million yuan, with a registered capital of 25.6 million yuan, 350 employees, covering an area of 130000 square meters, a factory area of 50000 square meters, and more than 885 sets of processing equipment. It has the ability to produce 150000 sets of high, medium, and low voltage small and medium-sized motors with an annual output of 2 million kilowatts.

Sichuan Yibin Liyuan Motor Co., Ltd

Obtained specialized, refined, and innovative small giants, high-tech, and 500 largest electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises; Honorary titles such as provincial-level famous brand products, famous trademarks, top 100 in technological development strength, advanced quality management, and top 50 enterprises in the mechanical industry.

Passed certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, 3C, CE, CCS, energy efficiency labeling, special equipment, explosion-proof electrical, etc.

Establish provincial-level enterprise technology centers and municipal engineering technology research centers; Obtained 26 national patents and 25 software copyrights.

Equipped with a complete process of stamping, aluminum casting, metalworking, heat treatment, electrical engineering, and assembly, it has automated and intelligent production and inspection equipment that reaches the advanced level of the domestic special motor industry.

The advantageous product tower crane motor has independent intellectual property rights and a domestic market share of 42%; Expand lifting, efficient, and explosion-proof motors; Strategic development of new energy vehicles and ships, as well as spindle motors.

The revenue target for 2025 will exceed 500 million, and for 2027 it will exceed 800 million.