Application field of electric machine

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Application field of electric machine

Electric Power industry

I. Turbo-generator

Turbo-generators are used in thermal and nuclear power plants. It is a kind of synchronous motor. Due to the high speed of the prime mover turbine, generally 3000r/min, the turbine generator is thin and long to reduce the linear speed. Currently the world's largest turbo-generator capacity is more than 1 million kilowatts.

2. Hydro-generator

The hydrogenerator is used in hydroelectric power plants and is also a type of synchronous generator. Due to the low speed of the prime mover (water turbine), generally several hundred RPM below, so the rotor of the water turbine generator is thick and short to increase the number of poles. Figure 2-12 shows a hydro-generator installed in the Three Gorges Power Station, which is the world's largest hydro-generator with a power of 700,000 kw. The total installed capacity of the Three Gorges Power Station is 26, with a single capacity of 700,000 kW.

3. Wind turbine

Wind power generation is the process of converting wind energy into mechanical energy and then converting mechanical energy into electric energy through the impeller of the wind catcher. Wind energy is the cheapest, cleanest and most valuable new energy source. In recent years, the Chinese government has accelerated the development of wind power, introduced the large wind turbine produced in foreign countries, advanced technology, and set up wind farm, which has promoted the development of Chinese wind power.

According to installed capacity, wind turbines have small, medium, large, super large series. The capacity of small wind turbine is 0.1~1kW, medium wind turbine is 1~100kW, large wind turbine is 100~1000kW, and super large wind turbine is more than 1000kW. Almost all types of generators are used in wind power generation. The most common are synchronous, asynchronous, DC, and permanent magnet generators. Recently, brushless DC generators with permanent magnet external rotor are used more in large scale wind turbines abroad.

Industrial and agricultural production

In industrial and agricultural production, the vast majority of mechanical equipment is powered by various kinds of electric motors. Most of these motors are powered by distribution transformers, while off-grid mechanical or mobile devices are often powered by diesel generators. In machine tool, rolling machine, blower, printing machine, water pump, pumping unit, crane, conveyor belt, production line and other equipment, a large number of small and medium power induction motor. This is because induction motors are simple and reliable, easy to maintain and low cost. Induction motors account for more than 60% of all electrical load power. In recent years, the proportion of all kinds of new motor began to increase.