What is the motor for

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What is the motor for

Motor is a kind of equipment that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It uses a current coil to generate a rotating magnetic field and is used for the rotor to form a magneto-electric rotation torque. The main categories and uses of motors are described as follows:

1. Servo motor: servo motor is widely used in a variety of control systems, which can convert the input voltage signal into the mechanical output on the motor shaft and drag the controlled component, so as to achieve the purpose of control.

2. Stepper motor: Stepper motor is mainly used in the field of CNC machine tool manufacturing, which can directly convert the digital pulse signal into angular displacement.

3. Torque motor: Torque motor is generally used in the textile industry. Its working principle and structure are the same as single-phase asynchronous motor.

4, switched reluctance motor: Switched reluctance motor is a new type of speed control motor, with simple structure and strong, low cost and excellent speed control performance.

5, brushless DC motor: brushless DC motor speed range is wide, long life, easy maintenance and low noise, there is no series of problems caused by brush, widely used in control system.