The introduction of policy support, basic electronic components and electromechanical industry integration time is not waiting for me

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The introduction of policy support, basic electronic components and electromechanical industry integration time is not waiting for me

At the same time, the adjacent pavilion will hold. China International Symposium and Exhibition on Small Motor, Magnetic Material and Special Robot Technology ” The cooperation of the two platforms means that the new trend of industrial integration development is unfolding.

Not long ago, the two conference organizers, China Electronics Exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd. and China Electronics No. 21 Research Institute, signed a strategic cooperation ceremony at the "New Generation of Information Technology and the Collaborative Development of Basic Electronic Components and small motor Industry Media and analysts Seminar". China Power Grid reporters learned from the conference that the cooperation is not only the two leading exhibition platform cooperation, but also promote China's electronic information industry. The Internet of Everything; And; Intelligent manufacturing; Direction to build a platform for industrial integration, communication and exhibition.

Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation between Two industrial platforms of Basic Electronics and small motor

Lou Long, Director of Member Service Department of China Electronic Components Industry Association, Cui Chengzhe, General Manager of China Electronics Exhibition and Information Communication Co., LTD., Chen Bao, Director of International Industry Department of Shanghai Microelectric Research Institute (the 21st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation), Dr. Wang Ruoda, Researcher of Institute of Integrated Circuits of China Electronics Information Industry Development Institute, China Electronics Exhibition and Information Communication Co., LTD Company Vice General Manager He Qionghua, AVic International Supply Chain Technology Co., LTD. Vice Minister Wang Lei attended the meeting and delivered a speech. In addition, representatives of industry leading manufacturers and other enterprise spokespersons attended the seminar.

Policy support for continuous release, the integration of basic electronic components and electromechanical industry is not waiting for me

The emerging information technology fields such as 5G, intellectualization and Internet of things are constantly innovating. However, at present, our country electronic components industry has the overall large but not strong, lack of leading enterprises and insufficient innovation ability. In the face of these problems, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology unveiled the Action Plan for Development of the Basic Electronic Components Industry at the beginning of the year. The action plan aims to grow the industry scale and the total sales of electronic components and components to 2,100 billion yuan by 2023, and further consolidate our country's position as a major global electronic components production; Achieve breakthroughs in technological innovation, improve the patent layout of key products; To form a group of electronic components enterprises with international competitive advantages, and strive for 15 enterprises to exceed 10 billion yuan in revenue scale. Differentiated applications of electronic components will be promoted in key industries such as smart terminals, 5G, industrial Internet and data centers, and smart connected vehicles. To meet the emerging needs of artificial intelligence, advanced computing, Internet of Things, new energy and new infrastructure, develop miniaturized, high performance, high efficiency and highly reliable electronic components urgently needed in key application fields, promote the active application of innovative products by complete machine enterprises, and accelerate the iteration and upgrade of components and products. The action plan brings the unprecedented development opportunity for our country electronic component enterprises. At the seminar, as one of the main authors of the Action Plan for the Development of Basic Electronic Components Industry and other documents, and a professional researcher in the field of electronic components, integrated circuit packaging and testing, automotive semiconductors, key equipment and materials, Dr. Wang Ruoda, researcher of the Institute of Integrated Circuits of China Institute of Electronic Information Industry Development, said: Accelerating the development of electronic components and key supporting materials and equipment industries, promoting the modernization of the industrial chain supply chain, is of great significance to promoting the development of Chinese information technology industry, promoting the optimization and upgrading of economic system, and realizing the high-quality development of national economy. ” Download the Action Plan for the Development of Basic Electronic Components Industry.

In addition, the new national standard GB18613-2020, which has been implemented since June 1, clearly stipulates that the industry is not allowed to produce and sell motors that cannot meet the energy efficiency limits of IE3, and the user is not allowed to purchase such motor products with substandard energy efficiency. This not only for our electrical industry, but also for our country's intelligent connected mechanical and electrical products which are developing in full swing will have a huge impact, such as Intelligent Handling robots (AGV) and other kinds of robots, new energy vehicles, drones, sweeping machines and other new household appliances products. This policy makes the increasingly widely used small motor industry also face the opportunity and challenge of high efficiency, energy saving and continuous innovation, and will deeply affect the development of downstream motor application system products.

Under the strong support of the two policies, the integration of basic electronic components and electromechanical industries will undoubtedly pave the way for the innovative development of the Internet of everything and intelligent manufacturing. As the most influential exhibition platform in China's electronic information industry, China Electronics Fair and the large scale professional event platform in Asia and even the world, China (International) small motor Technology Seminar and Exhibition will shoulder the arduous mission of developing the integration of electronic components and electromechanical industry. He Qionghua, deputy general manager of China Electric Exhibition and Information Communication Co., LTD., said: At present, our country's electronic information industry has become a 10 trillion yuan level big industry, the China Electronics Exhibition based on the professional basic electronic components industry exchange platform, expanding platforms from three dimensions to support the development of our country's electronic information industry, the first is a comprehensive display of the innovation in the field of basic electronic components industry to support the rapid development of industry. The second is to continuously expand the industrial ecosystem to establish a richer supply chain and channels to ensure the stable development of the electronic information manufacturing industry. The third is to combine the needs of the industry and enterprises to carry out various cross-industry cooperation to promote innovation and development. Our strategic cooperation with SMTCE is to meet the needs of many intelligent electromechanical systems. ”

Chen Bao, Director of the International Department of the 21st Institute of Electrical Science, said: We are very pleased to sign the strategic cooperation agreement with China Electronics Exhibition. This agreement is not limited to the cooperation between the two industry-leading exhibitions, but comes from the needs of our electronic information industry, especially the basic electronic components and small electrical machinery industries, because the Internet of everything and intelligent manufacturing has generated strong demands for our cooperation. And it has been proven in a number of fields such as smart cars, drones, sweeping machines, AGVs, and other robots. I believe this natural cooperation will lead to the emergence of more pioneering innovations and encourage innovative companies to discover more blue ocean. ”

China Electronics Exhibition has been successfully held for 97 sessions, this exhibition supporting activities are rich, create. Exhibition, competition, award, conference. Multi-dimensional industry activity. In addition to the 30,000 square meters of exhibition activities, there are also different forms of on-site activities such as welding competition, electronic components business and technology innovation force award, and new products and new technology release. At the same time, more than 30 professional industry conferences will be held, including components series forum, Internet of Things series forum, automotive electronics series activities, intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet series forum, special components series forum, etc.